Mood Disorders

Medicine to Treat Premenstrual Mood Disorder is Tested
In a proof-of-concept trial, researchers have obtained encouraging results for a medicine to treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)—a mood disorder affecting 3% to 5% of women of childbearing… Read More
People With Schizophrenia Have Increased Risk of Dying From COVID-19, Research Reveals
A newly published study based on data from a 2020 peak period of the pandemic in New York City indicates that people previously diagnosed with schizophrenia or a schizophrenia spectrum disorder who… Read More
Team Discovers Mechanism in Blood-Vessel Cells in the Brain That Promotes Resilience Against Stress
Thirty-five years after the first clue appeared, researchers now report they have assembled a detailed picture of one way in which inflammation can cause or create conditions favorable for the… Read More
Pregnancy May Alter Brain’s Immune Function
During pregnancy and for some time after giving birth, a woman’s immune response in the brain may be tuned down, a new study in rats suggests. This research was published in the November 2017 issue… Read More
Sex and other human activities
Looking at the brains of children with various psychiatric illnesses, researchers have identified some of the brain differences that are specific to each disorder, and some that are shared. Changes… Read More