Brain & Behavior Magazine September 2018

A Cloud Has Been Lifted: What Deep-Brain Stimulation Tells Us About Depression and Depression Treatments
Some remarkable lessons have been learned by Dr. Helen Mayberg and her colleagues in their application of deep-brain stimulation in major depression. DBS is a pioneering experimental treatment for “… Read More
A Pacemaker for Depression and More
Even in abbreviated form, a career synopsis of Scientific Council Member Helen Mayberg, M.D., presents a remarkable set of achievements. Read More
A Return To Life: One Patient’s Recovery After Receiving Deep Brain Stimulation For Depression
For so long, Kathryn lived in a world of gray. Then, on a gloomy October morning in 2007, as she walked out into a mall parking lot, she was struck by the fiery reds and yellows of the autumn leaves… Read More
A New Understanding of Risk for Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder (BD) can be a difficult condition to diagnose because its signature symptoms–episodes of abnormal, often persistent, highs and lows–are related to one another in different ways in… Read More