suicide prevention

Study Reveals New Details About Relationship Between Suicidal Ideation/Attempt and Alterations in the Immune System
Inflammation in the body causes physical pain each day for untold millions of people, and in that respect it is a well-known and well-understood medical problem. Much less well understood is the role… Read More
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Decreased Suicide Attempts in Youths With Bipolar Disorder
Among young people under age 18 who are diagnosed with disorders on the bipolar spectrum (BD), as many as one in two attempts suicide. Of all psychiatric diagnoses in this age group, BD is associated… Read More
Suicide Risk Fluctuates Across the Menstrual Cycle, Affecting Different Women Differently, Study Finds
Women and men are known to have different vulnerabilities to psychiatric and other illnesses. There are a variety of reasons, including biological differences between the sexes and a vast number of… Read More
Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”) May Have Rapid-Acting Anti-Suicidal Effects
Newly reported analysis of the results of three small clinical trials indicates that the gas nitrous oxide (N₂O) may have rapid-acting anti-suicidal effects. Nitrous oxide is often called laughing… Read More
Analysis of Gene-Expression Profiles in Suicide Implicates 5 Genes and Several Biological Mechanisms
Two of the most important goals in suicide research are developing methods of predicting individual risk and identifying measures that might contribute to prevention. Read More