NARSAD Artworks

Doris was a 4.0 college student who majored in international relations. She taught piano and began painting when she was 25. At age 46, she was diagnosed with manic-depression. She has been active at… Read More
Ruth grew up in a large family and was the middle child of seven. Communicating was always difficult for her.  She painted in order to articulate some of her thoughts and emotions and was given… Read More
“I was painting before I was even speaking. When I was very young I knew that I wanted to attend L’École des Beaux Arts of Montréal. Then at 19, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and for the next… Read More
Deenalynn Sackman resides in Seattle, Washington. She came to find NARSAD Artworks in a funny way, as she describes it. While shopping at the Salvation Army she looked around and saw two boxes of… Read More
Her sister writes: “Anna suffered from mental illness for many years – schizophrenia in particular. Painting proved to be an emotional release and provided her with a sense of worth and purpose. She… Read More