NARSAD Artworks Featured Artwork of the Week: Poppies by Doris Dahlgren

Posted: May 18, 2011

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Doris was a 4.0 college student who majored in international relations. She taught piano and began painting when she was 25. At age 46, she was diagnosed with manic-depression. She has been active at Stanford University in international student groups and also volunteered in the art department there. When she decided years ago that it didn’t matter if a painting was finished or not, she began to really enjoy the art form. “The paintings finish themselves” she says. She mixes her colors on the canvas rather than on her palette and “Something deep in my soul lets go and makes the painting happen.” Doris says her paintings are a mix of “impressionism and expressionism”. She can’t predict what will happen when she paints and she is always amazed at the result.

Poppies is sold out on the NARSAD Artworks website, however, there are several other pieces of art from Doris Dahlgren available. Visit NARSAD Artworks to view her collection.