Healthy Minds With Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein - Suicide Prevention

Healthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Research

Since 1987, the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation has awarded more than $4.5M to suicide prevention research.

In light of recent tragic deaths by suicide of two well-known people, we'd like to share an important point from Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein.

"If you are concerned about a loved one, you should express your concern. Some people have the misconception that asking a person about suicide will increase the risk, but in reality asking does not increase the risk of suicide, but can save a life."

We also encourage people to click on the video below to watch this episode of Healthy Minds on suicide prevention.

The goal of Healthy Minds is to inspire conversations about mental illness and provide understandable information and resources for our viewers. People should not suffer in silence, because with help, there is hope.

Read the latest research discoveries related to suicide and suicide prevention.


National Institute of Mental Health – NIMH
The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the lead federal agency for research on mental disorders. NIMH is one of the 27 Institutes and Centers that make up the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the nation’s medical research agency. NIH is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration -  SAMHSA
SAMHSA is a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is charged with improving the quality and availability of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitative services in order to reduce illness, death, disability, and cost to society resulting from substance abuse and mental illnesses.

National Alliance on Mental Illness - NAMI
NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

Mental Health America - MHA
Mental Health America (MHA) – founded in 1909 – is the nation's leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and to promoting the overall mental health of all Americans.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
AFSP was created to raise awareness, offer support, fund research and call for action in regard to advancing a national response to the problem of suicide.

World Health Organization – WHO
The World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health

U.S. Department for Veterans Affairs - National Center for PTSD
The National Center for PTSD is dedicated to research and education on trauma and PTSD. We work to assure that the latest research findings help those exposed to trauma.

Campaign to Change Direction
The goal of the Campaign to Change Direction is to change the culture of mental health in America so that all of those in need receive the care and support they deserve.