Stock/Securities Donations

Stock/Securities Donations

Make a gift of stock or securities to BBRF

Making a donation of securities is a tax-wise way to support brain and behavior research:
A gift of appreciated securities might provide tax advantages far greater than a gift of cash.  When you transfer ownership of stock held long-term (a year and a day) you may be eligible to receive a charitable deduction for their full market value of the security and incur no capital gains tax.  Of course, you should consult with your tax advisor before making any gift of securities.

IRA Charitable Rollovers

What should I know about the permanent IRA Charitable Rollover?
The IRA Charitable Rollover is a tax-smart way to make an impact on the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) using your Traditional or Roth IRA. The IRA Charitable Rollover (also called a Qualified Charitable Distribution, or QCD) is an excellent choice to make a tax-free gift to BBRF and satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). If you are not required to take a RMD, but no longer itemize your deductions, then a QCD may be right for you, too.

How Do I Qualify?
The IRA Charitable Rollover (QCD) offers multiple benefits for making gifts from your Traditional or Roth IRA:

  • You must be 70 ½ years or older at the time of the gift
  • Gifts must go directly from your IRA to BBRF
  • Gifts must come from a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA account
  • Gifts cannot exceed $100,000 per donor per year

Benefits of an IRA Charitable Rollover Gift:

  • If you don’t itemize deductions, and are not yet required to take your RMD, a QCD offers all the benefits of an itemized income tax charitable deduction
  • If you are age 72 or older, and must take your RMD, a QCD can satisfy your RMD without increasing your income taxes
  • You may direct your gift to a research area or program of your choice

How can I make an IRA Charitable Rollover?
Contact your IRA administrator for their QCD distribution form and information on how to make such a gift.

To discuss making a gift of Securities or a gift from your IRA, please email or call 646-681-4889.