Brain & Behavior Magazine March 2018

Treating Psychosis Patients Early and Comprehensively Has Resulted in Improved Outcomes
A new approach to treating schizophrenia is based on a revamping of the way patients are treated, and when they are treated, relative to the onset of the illness. Spearheading much of the new and… Read More
A 21st-Century Approach to Treating Psychosis and Other Adolescent Mental Health Disorders
In an approach to treatment of young people with mental health issues, Dr. Read More
Relief from Decades of Treatment-Resistant Depression Comes with Metabolite Replacement Therapy Trial
Bruce had tried everything. And yet, for three decades, he could not find any relief from his debilitating depression and suicidal thoughts. Twenty medications. Electroconvulsive therapy. Countless… Read More
Is Reversing Age-Related Memory Loss Possible? Boosting Levels of a Protein Found in Bones and Brain Suggest a Possible Method
Two things that we often associate with the normal human aging process are bone loss and memory loss. In a remarkable development, research in the Columbia University laboratories of Nobel laureate… Read More