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Study Reveals How Gene Regulation Helps Determine Brain Development, Shedding Light on Neurodevelopmental Disorders
One thing that has clearly emerged from contemporary brain research is the link between mental health and processes that occur while the brain is developing, prior to birth. Read More
The Neurobiology Behind Young People’s Shift in Interest From Mother’s Voice to Those of Non-Family Members
Teenagers who seem to stop listening to their parents are the very image of youth rebelliousness, but new brain research tells us that something more interesting—and completely unconscious—is going… Read More
Imaging Study Employs Novel Method to Probe Toddlers for Neurodevelopmental Delays
The vast portion of the African continent that lies south of the Sahara desert—sub-Saharan Africa—is home to 1 billion of Africa’s 1.3 billion people. It has one of the most dynamic of the world’s… Read More
Researchers Discover Proteins in the Brain That Protect Synapses From Being Eliminated
A research team led by a BBRF grantee has shown for the first time that the brain contains specialized proteins whose function is to protect synapses from being eliminated. Synapses are the… Read More
In Pregnant Women with COVID-19, Higher Choline Levels May Protect Fetal Brain Development
Women who develop a COVID-19 infection during the early months of pregnancy have more to worry about than their own health. They must also worry about whether or how their infection will affect the… Read More