early life trauma

Exposures to Poverty and Crime in Pregnancy Found to Perturb Prenatal Brain Development
A team from Washington University, St. Louis that includes two BBRF Scientific Council members has reported results from two studies involving mother-child pairs that is part of a larger project to… Read More
Researchers Propose a Way to Study the Debilitating Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder
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Wartime Trauma Impaired Empathy in Mothers of Small Children, Impacting Parenting
The U.N. estimates that over half a billion children around the world are growing up under traumatic circumstances caused by ethnic, religious, national, or tribal conflicts. Over the last two… Read More
Brain Network Changes May Explain Resilience to Childhood Abuse
Brain researchers have known for years that people who are abused in childhood often suffer serious impairments, including a high risk of developing psychiatric disorders, from anxiety and depression… Read More
Multi-decade Study Found Childhood Trauma Exposure Common, Raising Health Risks in Adulthood
A long-term study of 1,420 people finds that childhood trauma is more commonplace than is often assumed, and that its effects upon the transition to adulthood and adult functioning are not only… Read More