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Should We Distinguish Depression That Begins During Pregnancy From Depression That Begins Following Childbirth?
About one in ten women experience depression during pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. This is among the most common complications related to pregnancy, and is generally treatable if recognized… Read More
Pregnant Mice on High-Fat Diets Have Gut Microbe Deficiencies That Perturb Social Behavior Across Generations of Offspring, Study Finds
Research has demonstrated that a high-fat, low-fiber diet (common in the U.S.) causes an imbalance in the gut microbiome—the community of trillions of bacteria, good and bad, that line the walls of… Read More
Surprising Results in Study of Pandemic's Neurodevelopmental Impact on Newborns
A new study of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic upon pregnant women, focusing on developmental outcomes in their offspring 6 months after birth, has reached some surprising, if provisional,… Read More
Children of Mothers Infected by COVID in Pregnancy Had Increased Risk of a Developmental Disorder Diagnosis at 1 Year
A preliminary study of thousands of children born during the pandemic has found that those whose mothers tested positive for COVID-19 during pregnancy had increased risk of a developmental disorder… Read More
Exposures to Poverty and Crime in Pregnancy Found to Perturb Prenatal Brain Development
A team from Washington University, St. Louis that includes two BBRF Scientific Council members has reported results from two studies involving mother-child pairs that is part of a larger project to… Read More