maternal health

Pregnancy-Related Brain Changes May Help New Mothers Prepare for and Bond With Their Children
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Impact of Mother’s Depressive Symptoms Just Before and After Childbirth Upon Child’s Brain Development
Past research has established a clear connection between maternal depression and risk of adverse outcomes in newborns, for instance a higher risk of the child having low birthweight. Over the longer… Read More
Higher Maternal Choline Levels in Pregnancy Had Protective Role in Infant Brain Development
Researchers have obtained further evidence that during pregnancy, the presence of adequate levels of choline, an essential nutrient, in the mother’s system has a protective role in the development of… Read More
60 year study finds children of mothers who contracted bacterial infection during pregnancy have higher risk of psychosis
In a study that has been 60 years in the making, a team of doctors and scientists reports that bacterial infection during pregnancy significantly raises the risk that the offspring—especially male… Read More
Creative concept of the brain
A new method of capturing and analyzing images of the brain, described June 16 in the journal Cell, lets scientists see exactly which neurons fire throughout the brain of a mouse at a given time. The… Read More