Cognitive Impairment

A Biomarker to Predict Risk of Progression From Mild Cognitive Impairment to Dementia
When someone develops mild cognitive impairment (MCI), is there a way of predicting whether that individual will go on to develop dementia?New research sheds important new light on the question. Read More
Mindfulness Training Plus tDCS Stimulation to Treat Cognitive Decline in Older Persons with Depression or Anxiety
In older adults, there is a well-established association between cognitive decline and depression and anxiety. Yet, as of now, “there are no evidence-based interventions for older adults that target… Read More
Study Links Schizophrenia Medicines’ Anticholinergic Impact to Risk of Cognitive Impairment
An important study led by BBRF grantees has closely examined a commonplace pharmacologic property of many antipsychotic and other medications commonly prescribed to people with chronic schizophrenia… Read More
Adding Guanfacine Boosted Benefits of Cognitive Remediation Therapy in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder
Adding the drug guanfacine to a proven therapy program to treat cognitive deficits led to even better results for individuals with schizotypal personality disorder, say researchers who have just… Read More
Tangled web of brain neurons
People with schizophrenia show poor performance in a range of cognitive functions, and previous brain imaging studies have identified various abnormalities that could represent neural underpinning of… Read More