stem cells

Lab-Grown Human Neurons Transplanted into the Rat Brain Grew, Connected, and Promise to Shed Light on Psychiatric Illness
During the last decade, neuroscientists have devised technologies that enable them to grow human brain cells under controlled conditions in the laboratory. A number of BBRF grantees and Scientific… Read More
Genome Engineering Combined with Stem Cell Technology Provide Insights on Disruptions in Brain Development
Twenty years ago, scientists first “spelled out” the full sequence of 3 billion pairs of DNA “letters” that make up the human genome. In the years since, they have discovered and validated many… Read More
Some Pathologies in Autism are Traced to Stem Cells in the Developing Brain
Evidence continues to mount that some and perhaps many of the biological abnormalities that underlie autism spectrum disorder (ASD) begin well before birth, as the brain’s cerebral cortex is… Read More
Using Stem-Cell Technology, Researchers Succeed in ‘Growing’ a Working Blood-Brain Barrier
Researchers co-led by 2016 BBRF Young Investigator Ethan Lippmann, Ph.D., report they have succeeded in “building” vascular tissue that functions like the brain’s crucial protective membrane, called… Read More