cognitive deficits

Study Scrutinizes How Autism Impacts Cognition in Adults
As the reported incidence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has risen over the years—in the U.S. it is now estimated by the Centers for Disease Control to affect one child in 59—so has the pace of… Read More
Computer-Delivered Cognitive Training Significantly Helped Schizophrenia Patients in Rehab Setting
Cognitive difficulties experienced by people with schizophrenia are the symptoms of the illness that tend to have the greatest impact on daily functioning and overall quality of life. Individuals who… Read More
Immune System Factor Could Be Mobilized to Boost Motivation and Cognitive Deficits in Mental Illness
People with a variety of psychiatric conditions, including major depression and schizophrenia, can take a variety of medicines that control some, although often not all, of their symptoms. Two… Read More
Cerebellum in Cognitive Defects in Schizophrenia
Portions of the frontal cortex can be dysfunctional in people with schizophrenia, leading to cognitive deficits that affect memory, attention and planning. A new study published March 28 in the… Read More
Researchers have developed a new model for studying schizophrenia by genetically engineering mice that produce high levels of a human protein, NRG1-IV, in the brain. NRG1-IV, a protein that helps… Read More