treatment-resistant depression

Remarkable Improvement Rate Reported in Patients Who Received SAINT, an Experimental Non-Invasive Brain-Stimulation Treatment for Resistant Depression
With the help of BBRF grants, researchers are testing a new treatment for people with major depression who have not responded to existing treatments. The first report of its effectiveness is very… Read More
Opioids, at Very Low Doses, May Provide a New Way to Treat Resistant Depression
One of the most promising new therapy ideas for brain and behavior disorders may at first seem improbable: using opioid-based medicines to reduce the symptoms of depression. Isn’t our society in the… Read More
Pioneering TMS Therapy for Depression
Luck, Hard Work...and Crucially Timed BBRF Grants There is a moment in the career of Mark S. George, M.D., that he thinks of as lucky. It changed the course of his life and—though he could not have… Read More
What Is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatment and How Well does It Work?
“The basics of TMS treatment are simple,” says Dr. Mark George, who performed research for more than a decade that led to its approval for treatment-resistant depression in 2008. “You have a patient… Read More
Advisory Panel Recommends FDA Approval of Esketamine , with New Mechanism to Treat Resistant Depression & Suicidal Thinking
On February 12th, an FDA advisory panel recommended overwhelmingly that the agency approve a drug called esketamine for the rapid relief of depression in patients who have not been helped by existing… Read More