Esketamine Reduced Suicidal Thoughts Within Hours of Treatment in Patients with Severe Depression
The experimental drug esketamine rapidly reduced thoughts of suicide and symptoms of depression in a small clinical trial reported April 16 in the American Journal of Psychiatry. Read More
Harm to Brain Cell Structure Remains Long After Child Abuse
Child abuse can leave lasting marks on the brain at the cellular level, according to new research reported December 1st in the American Journal of Psychiatry. In an analysis of brain samples from… Read More
Ketamine Rapidly Reduced Suicidal Thoughts in People with Depression
A single dose of ketamine, the anesthetic drug that has been found to have fast-acting antidepressant effects, can significantly reduce suicidal thoughts in patients with depression for up to a week… Read More
Large Study Showed Lithium Lowered Suicide Risk in Patients with Bipolar Disorder
In an eight-year study of more than 50,000 people with bipolar disorder, researchers found that the risk of attempted or completed suicide was reduced significantly when the patients were treated… Read More
man with suicidal thoughts, bipolar disorder and depression
Thoughts of suicide in patients with bipolar disorder declined significantly within 24 hours following treatment with ketamine, according to a small randomized trial reported April 28 in the journal… Read More