Developmental Disorders

Genetic Anomalies
A new method for recreating large-scale genetic anomalies known as copy number variations will make it easier for scientists to study the effects of those mutations, many of which have been linked to… Read More
Spontaneous (non-inherited) DNA mutations likely play a role in the development of childhood-onset schizophrenia (COS), according to new research. In a study published online October 28, 2015 in the… Read More
Using cells stored in autism research repositories, scientists have identified specific molecular defects that disrupt communication pathways in the cells of people with autism. The research,… Read More
New research reveals that the electrical stimulation of a brain structure in mice relieves behaviors related to autism, thus identifying a possible new treatment for the disorder. Read More
A Milestone in the Search for Schizophrenia’s Causes
Exciting news reported today in Nature and featured in the New York Times points to one of the likely causes (among others) of schizophrenia in some people: overactiv Read More