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Research for Better Lives
Research for Better Lives
September 23, 2010
I’ve been working at The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (formally NARSAD) for just over a month and am continuously learning how brain scientists are...
Ian Cook, MD, UCLA
Ian Cook, MD
September 16, 2010
Brain research with the goal of discovering better treatments and cures for mental health disorders is a significant undertaking. Each disorder has different...
NARSAD & New York Times
NARSAD & New York Times
September 13, 2010
This week there are two topics of note related to mental health in the news. First, a recent NARSAD-funded study on the effects of the drug ketamine in...
NARSAD 2010 Klerman and Freedman Prizes
Klerman and Freedman Prizes
September 06, 2010
“We care about people.” This comment was made by NARSAD Scientific Council member Dr. Samuel Keith during the dinner discussion at the NARSAD 2010 Klerman and...
Team up for NARSAD
Team up for NARSAD
September 02, 2010
The past couple of months at NARSAD have been filled with exciting new ideas, creative improvements to online and print publications, and hours of trial and...


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