Video Recordings from our International Mental Health Research Symposium

Posted: December 1, 2017
International Mental Health Research Symposium by the  Brain & behavior Research Foundation

On October 27, 2017, we hosted our International Mental Health Research Symposium in New York City. The annual event featured the Foundation’s 2017 Outstanding Achievement Prizewinners and two exceptional Young Investigator Grantees presenting on topics ranging from schizophrenia and addiction to childhood interventions and the brain circuitry behind mood disorders. We were also pleased to present Herbert Pardes, M.D., as our Keynote Speaker. Dr. Pardes is Executive Vice Chairman of the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Board and the Founder and President of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation’s Scientific Council. Nationally recognized for broad expertise in education, research, clinical care and health policy, he offered his thoughts on breakthrough opportunities for mental health.

The entire event was videotaped and the recordings of each presentation are presented below. To learn more about this event visit the event page or read our Awards Dinner press release.

The Prevention of Relapse with Medication: A Statistical Perspective

Presented by the 2017 Foundation Lieber Prizewinner for Outstanding Achievement in Schizophrenia Research:

John M. Davis, M.D.

University of Illinois at Chicago

Toward Personalized Medicine in Schizophrenia: Clinical Trials Targeting Specific Biomarkers and Patient Populations

Presented by the 2017 Maltz Prizewinner for Innovative & Promising Schizophrenia Research:

Deanna L. Kelly, Pharm.D., BCPP

University of Maryland School of Medicine

The Brain Circuitry of Bipolar Disorder: A View from Brain Scanning Research

Presented by the 2017 Colvin Prizewinner for Outstanding Achievement in Mood Disorders Research:

Hilary P. Blumberg, M.D.

Yale University School of Medicine

Foundation Scientific Council Member

2006 Klerman Prizewinner for Exceptional Clinical Research

2006 Independent Investigator

2002 Young Investigator

Mechanisms of Mood Disorder in the Human Brain: Neural Targets for New Treatments

Presented by the 2017 Colvin Prizewinner for Outstanding Achievement in Mood Disorders Research:

Mary L. Phillips, M.D., M.D. (Cantab)

University of Pittsburgh / Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

Foundation Scientific Council Member

2005 Independent Investigator

Recovery From Severe Psychosocial Deprivation

Presented by the 2017 Ruane Prizewinners for Outstanding Achievement in Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Research:

Nathan A. Fox, Ph.D.

University of Maryland, College Park

2007 Distinguished Investigator

Charles A. Nelson III, Ph.D.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Boston Children’s Hospital

Charles H. Zeanah, Jr., M.D.

Tulane University School of Medicine

KEYNOTE: Are There Breakthrough Opportunities for Mental Health?

Herbert Pardes, M.D.

Executive Vice Chairman of the Board,

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

President, Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Scientific Council

Addiction as Brain Disorder of Self-Control

Trevor Robbins, Ph.D.

University of Cambridge

Harnessing the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis During Pregnancy to Improve Mother and Child's Health

Mary C. Kimmel, M.D.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2016 Young Investigator

Brain Development and the Immune System: The Basic Science of Stress

Anna V. Molofsky, M.D., Ph.D.

University of California, San Francisco

2016 Young Investigator