2015 Research Highlights by NARSAD Grantees

Posted: March 23, 2017

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We would like to share with you 15 Published Research Findings in 2015 featuring our NARSAD Grantees. Five of these publications were also selected by the New England Journal of Medicine’s Journal Watch Psychiatry Top Stories of 2015.

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This past year we gave more than $18.5 million divided between our 400 Young Investigator Grantees, 80 Independent Investigator Grantees and 15 Distinguished Investigator Grantees who we expect will make exciting discoveries over the next few years. Since 1987, the Foundation has awarded more than $342 million in research grants which has led to over $3.5 billion in additional funding for our grantees. And thanks to the generosity of two family foundations which cover the Foundation’s operating expenses, 100% of your contributions for research are invested in our grants leading to advances and breakthroughs in brain and behavior research.