How does a personal connection to mental illness impact the work you do?

Bryan L. Roth, M.D., Ph.D.

I’m reminded on a daily basis how far we’ve come and yet how far we need to go to effectively treat schizophrenia and related disorders. I feel daily tremendous gratitude for the newer medications and have seen first-hand how miraculous the recoveries can be. On the other hand, I’m also a witness to the devastation effected by negative symptoms and cognitive deficits for which we have nothing, yet, of lasting benefit. I remain hopeful that technologies my lab and others have developed will point the way towards more comprehensive treatment strategies for schizophrenia and similar disorders.

Bryan L. Roth, M.D., Ph.D.
Scientific Council Member
Michael Hooker Distinguished Professor
Director, NIMH Psychoactive Drug Screening Program
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Medical School