Basic Research

- to understand what happens in the brain to cause mental illness

John H. Krystal, M.D., Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Yale University
John H. Krystal, M.D.
February 01, 2011
From The Quarterly, Winter 2011 “I think we have arrived at a tipping point in the maturation of psychiatry,” says John H. Krystal, M.D., NARSAD Scientific...
Larry J. Siever, M.D.  Professor of Psychiatry,  Director of the Special Evaluation  Program for Mood and Personality Disorders, and Vice-Chair for VA Affairs,  Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Larry J. Siever, M.D.
February 01, 2011
From The Quarterly, Winter 2011 Personality disorders, while less known about than some other psychiatric conditions, nonetheless pose serious mental health...
Xiangzhong Zheng, Ph.D.
Xiangzhong Zheng, PhD
February 01, 2011
The work of a NARSAD Young Investigator could help cast a new light on how a timing system in our body responsive to the day/night cycle generated by the...
Jonathan Javitch, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Jonathan Javitch
February 01, 2011
Expressed widely throughout the brain, dopamine is a message-carrying molecule called a neurotransmitter, which is involved in a number of regulatory processes...
Stephanie Bissiere, Ph.D.
Stephanie Bissiere, Ph.D.
January 01, 2011
Earlier this month Stephanie Bissiere, Ph.D., and a team of researchers at UCLA successfully made a "long-shot" discovery about the behavioral relevance for...


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