Thomas Frazier, Ph.D.

Thomas Frazier, Ph.D.

Thomas Frazier, II, Ph.D.
Bipolar Disorder


About Me:

Today, I live in: Cleveland, OH

My Undergraduate Degree was in: Psychology, from: John Carroll University

My Graduate Degree was in: MA & PhD in Clinical Psychology, from: Case Western Reserve University

I currently work at: Cleveland Clinic


About My Work:

Dr. Tom Frazier

My field of study is: Bipolar Disorder - Translational Modeling of Bipolar Disorder Neurobiology – from genetics to identifying structural brain abnormalities to understanding cognitive processes and symptoms

I enjoy this because: There is a tremendous need for more effective bipolar disorder treatments.

I am currently working on: A study examinig the relationships between candidate genes for bipolar disorder, frontal-limbic brain abnormalities, and cognitive measures of impulsivity.

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Dr. Frazier

More About Me:

Right Handed or Left Handed: Left

What is your favorite word? Touchdown

What place in the world would you most like to visit? Ireland

What was the last song that played on your iPod? The Best Imitation of Myself (Ben Folds)

Favorite TV show: Through the Wormhole

Desk: messy or organized? Somewhere in between

How many languages can you speak and what are they? 1 - English...I butcher French

Do you play any instruments? No. I am the only person in my family without musical talent.

Your Perfect Pizza: Sausage and Pepperoni

If I was not doing what I am doing today, I might be working as: A Basketball Coach

Here is what I'd like to share with the world: Find what you are passionate about and do it - don't ever give up.

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