Robert H. Lenox, M.D.

Robert H. Lenox, M.D.


Professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Neurosciences
University of New England

Dr. Lenox’s research has focused on identifying the molecular events in the brain mediating neuroplastic changes targeted by chronic lithium treatment of bipolar disorder. His lab’s studies led to the discovery of sites in the promoter region of a phosphoprotein that may be integral to signaling-dependent cytoskeletal changes in the brain. These sites play a role in the pathophysiology of bipolar disorder and neurobiology of mood regulation.

While Vice President and Worldwide Head of Central Nervous System (CNS) Drug Discovery for Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Lenox set strategy and led program progression to clinical development for psychiatry and neurology. Prior to entering the pharmaceutical industry in 2001, he held an endowed faculty position and was Vice Chair for Research Development in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Dr. Lenox currently provides consultation for CNS drug discovery and development within academic, biotech and pharmaceutical settings.

NARSAD Grants: Distinguished Investigator 1995 and 2001