Perry Renshaw, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A

Perry Renshaw, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A


Professor of Psychiatry
University of Utah School of Medicine
Medical Director, Rocky Mountain Network - Mental Illness
Research, Education and Clinical Center (VISN 19 MIRECC)
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Renshaw’s work is centered on the use of MRS to identify changes in brain chemistry that are associated with mood and substance abuse disorders. These observations are used to identify novel therapies. His current clinical MRS trials are focused on the use of citicoline as a treatment for methamphetamine dependence, creatine as a treatment for depression and uridine as a treatment for bipolar disorder. In addition, the Renshaw laboratory is exploring the surprisingly strong association between suicide rates and altitude of residence. The underlying hypothesis is that brain metabolic changes associated with altitude increase the prevalence and severity of mood disorders.

Dr. Renshaw was Research Director and then Director of the McLean Hospital Brain Imaging Center and was on the faculty of Harvard Medical School prior to joining the University of Utah.

NARSAD Grants: Young Investigator 1993 and 1996, Independent Investigator 2000

Foundation Prize: 2001 Klerman Prize for Exceptional Clinical Research by a Young Investigator