Jack D. Barchas, M.D.

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Jack D. Barchas, M.D.

Founding Member of the Scientific Council

Chair and Barklie McKee Henry Professor of Psychiatry
Weill Cornell Medical College
Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Weill Cornell Medical Center
New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Payne Whitney Clinic

Dr. Barchas’s research has dealt with neuroregulators, substances that act as neurotransmitters or as regulators of neuronal function. The research program has included identification of biochemical pathways, molecular regulation and genetics of neuroregulators, as well as study of their relation to behavior and stress.

Dr. Barchas spent 25 years at Stanford University where he was the Nancy Pritzker Professor and Director of the Pritzker Laboratory, an interdisciplinary program centered on fundamental aspects of systems and behavioral neurobiology. Immediately before coming to Cornell, he spent almost four years at the UCLA Medical School as Dean for Neuroscience and then also for Research Development, dealing with all areas of biomedical research. Involved in public policy and academic issues, he was Chair of the Board on Biobehavioral Science and Mental Disorders for the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies and served as editor of Archives of General Psychiatry.