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1 In 4 Americans live with mental illnessBrain and behavior disorders are common in the United States and internationally. An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older – about 1 in 4 adults – suffer from one or more of these disorders in a given year. Brain and behavior disorders are common among children in the United States and are increasingly being recognized and diagnosed at an early age. Just over 20 percent (or 1 in 5) children live with a debilitating mental illness.

Out of the 10 leading causes of disability identified and tracked in the United States and other developed countries; four are brain and behavior disorders: major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It is estimated that:

(*Source: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the Center for Disease Control)

Carol A. Tamminga, M.D. - Brain & behavior research expert on mental illness
Carol A. Tamminga, M.D.
April 11, 2011
Dr. Carol Tamminga, Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Scientific Council Member, speaks about the potential of mental health research today From The...
Steven G. Potkin, M.D. - Brain & behavior research expert on genetics
Steven G. Potkin, M.D.
April 11, 2011
From The Quarterly, Spring 2011 In the future and to some limited extent today knowledge of a person’s genetic background will help to determine their medical...
Constance E. Lieber - Brain & Behavior Donor
Constance E. Lieber
April 11, 2011
Constance E. Lieber, president emerita and long time donor, Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, continues to push for a better life for her daughter and...
J. Randolph (Randy) Lewis, Senior VP of Supply Chain and Logistics, Walgreen Co., 2009 Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Productive Lives Award Winner
Randy Lewis
April 11, 2011
Randy Lewis at Walgreen Co. leads the way for other companies to employ people with disabilities, brain and behavior disorders From The Quarterly, Spring 2011...
Sports May Focus the Brain
Sports May Focus the Brain
March 25, 2011
NARSAD-Funded Researchers Find New Way to Uncover Drug Targets for Brain and Behavior DisordersNARSAD Distinguished Investigators James Eberwine, Ph.D., and...


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