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Like many of the posters...I had 41 bilateral, unilateral and LART treatments for severe, and so far, untreatable depression and suicidal ideations. It has now been five months from my last treatment, my memory has been greatly impacted, my ability to read has been challenged and my ability to remember 'steps' is gone. B'and D's look the same to me as do 'g' and 'd'. Also, I cannot recall simply words in the middle of a sentence, likewise, when I write, although I know what I want to say, I miss words. Sadly, my depression remains. From treatment 1 to 12, I told my psychiatrist I'd take a bit of memory loss if I could feel better...and I should have stopped at #20. But the eternal of feeling even slight relief or hope kept me going.

I researched ECT for a year before choosing to start it so I did know this could happen, it is still sad and frustrating. Additionally, my hospital and clinic offers no follow up memory care or support, there are no ECT support groups in San Francisco, or anywhere for that matter, that I could find. A support group model would be easy to implement...and could help many people, both who saw success thru treatment, and for those of who didn.t.


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