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I received ECT over a dozen times. Each time I was treated, my depression symptoms decreased. My memory would be severely effected for a day or two following the treatment. It has now been 4 months since my last treatment and I have noticed a significant decrease in my ability to remember all sorts of things. My IQ has to be lower than it once was. I used to be a straight A student on scholarship in a doctorate program at a well-respected university. Now I can't remember the plots in most books, movies, and TV shows. It doesn't matter if I read or saw them long before ECT, during the year of ECT treatment, or if I read the book yesterday. I can't really even read a book. If I read a few chapters, the next day I can not remember well enough to pick up where I left off. I remember very little of what I read the previous day. I do think my memory is slowly improving. However I feel like a different person. I feel like I sacrificed a huge chunk of who I am. It is very disheartening. Can this memory treatment help me?


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