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I viewed the “Changing Your Mind” episode on the nature of things with David Suzuki, which led me to research more and come to this article. I quickly recognised that I have lived most of my life with many of the cognitive impairments as described in your second paragraph above. I don't suffer from the distortion of reality which is most commonly found in schizophrenic individuals. I was just wondering if; 1)you could indicate some of the medical blood test, such as (BDNF) and other so that I can get some preliminary diagnostic, and 2) if I can buy the computer games that you have perfected for this treatment. Thank you, Pierre


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Please note that researchers cannot give specific recommendations or advice about treatment; diagnosis and treatment are complex and highly individualized processes that require comprehensive face-to- face assessment. Please visit our "Ask an Expert" section to see a list of Q & A with NARSAD Grantees.
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