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My daughter has a child and a partner. Their lives seem upside down at times - My daughter is kind and loving and clever - artistic - beautiful and can turn on a dime to be aggressive towards me - saying very cruel things - feels that I am telling my grandchild negative things about her (I don't - I feel an important part of her life so that she will be grounded) - She does not drink or take drugs (thank heavens). Whenever we are together things seem to spiral downwards - she blames others for everything that is wrong in her life.. Up Down Up Down - She wants to sleep all the time. I have begged her to get help but she migrates towards her partners family who do NOT believe in medication - this is killing me because I feel she is getting worse and during the bad episodes her mothering is not the way I know that she wants it to be - and the wee one is so confused..... I am afraid for her but cannot help - Feeling very lost and frightened


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