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Fascinating. I am bipolar, diagnosed about four years ago. In that year and following years, I have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but negative for celiac sprue and negative for any issues with colonoscopy or endoscopy, including no active Helicobacter pylori. Most recently gastroparesis has become a problem, though I show no other signs of neuropathy in any other part of my body.This week I received the charts and result of a week-long Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. The nutritionist wants to arrange for a food allergy test. This year, I went, once again, to a physical therapist who felt certain I was experiencing wide-spread tendonitis throughout my body. This wasn't a problem while I was on ibuprophen for 18 years for arthritis in my right knee (since I was 19). I can no longer take anti-inflammatories due to protein in my urine (so the beginning of kidney problems). The latter issues did not present until after I stopped taking ibuprophen.

Oddly, four, possibly five, generations of my family have severe mental health issues, including schizophrenia.

As I said, fascinating discussion. Thank you for presenting this video.


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