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NAMI Family to Family Education Program

I think taking this course may help you, and you could google Treatment Advocacy Center and learn more about your states laws, if he's been a danger to himself or others, or gravely disabled (one explanation of gravely disabled I've been told - not able to dress himself, feed himself, or go to the bathroom) then the hospital should not be able to put him out. Consider trying to get guardianship so you can be more involved in his treatment and consider getting SSI or SSDi for him, if he has insurance that will help hospitals keep him longer. He needs medication & talk therapy desperately. There's Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectal Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Enhancement Therapy that can help him immensely, I wish you lot's of happy days in the future with your son. I wish I knew where mine is, I've not seen him for over two years now. Mental illness is such a horror.


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Please note that researchers cannot give specific recommendations or advice about treatment; diagnosis and treatment are complex and highly individualized processes that require comprehensive face-to- face assessment. Please visit our "Ask an Expert" section to see a list of Q & A with NARSAD Grantees.
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