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I'm bipolar/schizoaffective/schizotypal. Anyway I haven't got a clear diagnosis in 10 years, but I get really weird or depressed or manic.

Shop around pharmacies. I can get zyprexa cheap at Costco (no membership required) but it's $400 at Walgreens. Trazodone is $4 at Kroger but $16 at Costco. It's a bit of a pain but better than the alternative.

And you're in the 770. Georgia (The Metro specifically) has a state funded mental health program called Viewpoint Health. The resources are stretched thin but the prescriptions are $5 if you're uninsured and they have residency programs. I can't vouch for their hospitals. I was in Peachford once when I was insured and it's a pit.

Sorry I'm not comfortable calling a stranger on the internet. Hope you see this.


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