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Dear Howard,
I have heard and read several inspiring stories of recovery; those who spoke have battled with their illness for many years. Their stories gave us hope, and the endurance to support our son,....his illness was so acute at times (periodic) that he had trouble stepping out of the house, part-take in recovery programs which he did try. We hoped our son would endure (he was voluntarily taking his medication, several in fact over seven years since his eighteenth birthday, resisting each one in time), this April he lost his battle during on impulsive moment of self-harm...his last words were free, fly , bird , from pain. He had no desire to end his life as some would suppose but to stop the agony, pain, turmoil that he was experiencing on and off typically worst in the evening. This journey of hell is not easy, and someday I hope medical scientists break the back of mental illness, its worst than cancer; losing your faculties and being tormented by negative thoughts, a shear biological torture.


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