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Hello Dr. Daniel Geschwind I am a underserved young adult with aspbergers syndrome who cant get my needs met in Washington state is there a psychologist that practices in the area of autism that can work with me on my vast needs this has been a very hard time for me I am unemployed and don't have much money and on social security disability there are not enough services for me I would like to be a successful person in are society but I have been held back by the system on many levels this has been a very hard time for me I also have depression because of me being a underserved young adult who cant get my needs met and the community college in my area was very punitive to me and did not understand my aspbergers syndrome and suspended me for three years this has been rough I also have a math learning disability . I hope in the future people like me can get there needs met so I can have a successful adult life were I don't have to struggle so much . thank you for your time Jessica


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