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Thank you for sharing. I am a 36 yr old man with schizophrenia. I have struggled with this disability for 15 yrs now and am close to giving up on myself. From your description of your father I was similar to who he was before his and my first episode. I was on top of the world and could've had the career of my choice. I was blessed to be athletic, good at any sport I ever tried. I graduated high school ranked in the top 10% of my class scholastically. And I'm told was good looking, handsome, cute etc. At age 22 I was diagnosed as a schizo and since I have gained nothing and lost everything. Including custody of 2 sons. I understand your dads struggle and you should know, everyday is a living nightmare for me. I am not violent as he seemed, I am sick as he was. He was probably more afraid of you, than you of him. Hopefully, if his life has passed, God has him and he is at great peace and is finally safe in his own mind.


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