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My wife was diagnosed about 2.5yrs ago and has continued to get worse since. She has been on 20+ different types of meds, involuntarily admitted 2 times, and just keeps cycling. Sometimes she can admitt she is sick, other times, she thinks its everyone else. The hardest part in getting her to co-operate with treatment, and not continue to hurt everyone around her. I met her when she was 19 (now is 35) and she had signs of manic and depression then. I hope there is development some day for early detection and treatment to prevent the condition from taking over lives. She has made attempts on my life and hers, and tried to abduct our son several times. Now I must spend thousands to try to keep my son and myself safe, and there is no guarantee I will win.
I would love to see more early education around mental illness so maybe some can get treatment sooner and live healthy, productive lives.


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