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This is truly an amazing and inspiring story for all, for both those with mental illness and without mental illness! Such stories inspire anyone to go on in life, despite their problems/challenges, which well all experience.The simple word hope is very powerful, and I appreciate Irene's emphasis on it. Also, I appreciate Irene sharing her very personal story to help give others hope, and hanging in there despite huge challenges! WOW! I have had the honor and privilege of meeting Irene, and the story is exactly what Irene is about. She is a high energy person, with much passion and compassion for helping others!! I would strongly encourage others to see the Awakening Projects shows. The art work is amazing, as are the wonderful people who made it. I also had the honor and prilvilege of meeting some of the artist, who warmed my heart and inspired me!I t was a wonderful show and experience that everyone enjoyed! You cannot help but be moved in some way by attending one of their art shows. Taking to the artist greatly enhances the experience. I felt different after seeing the art show, inspiredme in a way I had not expected. I did purchase 2 prints from Irene, which I love! However, I loved just as much the experience of attending the art show, I left a different person.


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