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I would like to see a study into the role of endogenous DMT in Bipolar mania,I believe that we produce Bufoenitine & that this is converted to either N-N DMT or more likely to 5MeODMT by one or other of the methyltranseferase enzymes,I think that this is triggered by a failure to produce melatonin properly as a result of the overproduction of adrenaline /noradrealine & dopamine during the period of mania,the resultant lack of sleep causes a failure to produce melatonin & this leads to Bufoentine being changed from inactive Bufoentine to 5MeODMT it's much stronger active congener,I believe that this has a neuroprotective function.
Dr S Barker at the Cottonwood Research Institute is working on this,as is Dr Jace Calloway & other members of The Heffter research Institute.More work needs to be undertaken in this area,as the depersonalisation & derealisation that happen during mania are driven by this conversion of Bufoentine to either N-N DMT or 5MeODMT,it is a psychedelic state,as someone familair with Psychedelics & Mania the 2 states are so very similar,the psyche delous aspect is undeniable,it would seem to be a good avenue to be researching.
Yours Martin Izat


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