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As obvious as this studies findings seem, I am happy that a doctor/researcher has produced quantitative results that can be shared with the whole medical community. It is a little ridiculous that even Sigmund Freud knew this and studied this subject, and in the present day it seems like new information. Yet, the concept that a neglectful, abusive, or a "maltreating" childhood can produce certain chemical changes in a young person's brain is study I can get behind. Show me the science, the chemical proof, the DNA, and compare that to behaviors and patterns and doctors and other in this field will take notice. I hope that books and therapies will evolve from all the growth that has been occurring in this field in general. People's lives become damaged and often useless, and everyone in societies all across this Earth suffer as a consequence...economically, sociologically, stigmatically, etc. There are so many of us who suffer from serious psychological issues and the powers that be cannot ignore this any longer. These studies, as silly as they seem, will get attention, and I hope will knock some sense into health care and governmental policies and all the scams therein: we are people, we are citizens, no one can take that away from us, and I hope that more knowledge will have us treated more humanely and if morality doesn't get the medical, insurance, and governmental elite's attention maybe the economic toll on our country's business and budgetary bottom line will do it. For these reasons, I support this foundation, and I pray for wisdom and ingenuity for our researchers, physicians and psychiatrists to find effective ways to help us and hopefully find ways of prevention of mental disorders. In general, I am talking about mending broken hearts from the pain and suffering of these diseases, and mending malfunctioning brains and their chemistry so we can take the necessary steps to feel human again and walk out of the darkness and into the light.


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