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What TOOK so long to figure this's actually stupid that psychiatrists haven't pieced together what is sooo obvious...i said this for years...all the people i know with it experienced some kind of abuse- but emotional abuse abuse is often neglected as a factor...or negligence or character disorder parents...child's neurochemistry gets habituated over time and very hard to change later in life..
obviously it's trauma to the brain at an impressionable age....why SUBOXONE the miracle cure for depression is still not being given to these patients is beyond me and it's despicable that Heroin addicts are allowed to use it legally but those that really need it can't ! i have to order online illegaly my SUBOXONE for the past 5 years and i never went up on supports this decision as well as it was the only medicine that worked after 15 SSRI's failed ( i still have to combine with cymbalta)but without Suboxone i would be truly saved my life after too many years of batteling for my life. please legalize SUBOXONE for Depression and save people's lives..


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