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This is good news to hear of the work Dr. Buchanan is doing. I only wish our Medical provider here in Roseville, CA had the same pro-active attitude. I don't blame them completely for my 24 year old son's now fully diagnosed with Schizophrenia but it took them more than three 3 years and nearly a four week psychiatric hospitalization. Up til that point his diagnoses was Pyschosis. I provided both his therapist & pyschiatrist with pages of his daily behaviors & symptoms for more than a year, and because my son signed a release of information form I was able to communicate with them until his hospitalization. The health system has so many holes especially for these mentally ill people. Pryor to my son's release from the hospital in Aug. this year he assured the Dr. he would be returning home to live. In reading his discharge papers I was surprised to see they evaluated him only as "Improved" and not "stable" upon his release. After he was home for just a brief hour and a half driving off in his car with no explanation I called the hospital and was told that it was an "acute" care facility and they had to release him. I spent the first week with him every day going to the various programs and county services available to him, but he refused to start any of them. He has been living in his car. He is in contact with his father & I, some of his siblings & other family, thankfully. I bring him cooked meals, clean cloths and his mail when he wants it. He has most recently looked into housing programs, but doesn't want to live with anyone. I could go on and on but I think you can see how his situation looks so at loose ends and how I feel somehow they let him fall through the cracks.


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