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personal experience: Our son was born 12 days after due date by delayed cesarean (complication during the surgery preparations), during that period our son 's heart beat was below the norm son several occasions, at least five or more. He were mentally devastated as my wife's pregnancy was very good one; we were also worried of neural/brain damage. To our surprise our son developed normally but there must have been some underlying problem which mad e it difficult for him to cope well with stress, causing him acute anxiety followed by different symptoms that progressed in time and finally exploded into full blown psychosis diagnosed as paranoia -schizophrenia. The early symptoms: dexterity with right hand-writing difficulty increasing with teen period, loss of smell in his teens, increase in auditory processing-concentration loss, disorganized thinking at times in his teens; racing thoughts overactive mind followed by his own frustration with his reduced ability to perform and burn-out. Studies should be made as to determine whether in fact there could be a correlation between difficult births (lack of oxygen/stress to unborn child) and mental illness; possible neural/brain damage occurring yet not significantly evident at first but resulting in interference with a proper neural-chemical/brain development and in latent mental illness.


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