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Very interesting as we suspect research: We still suspect with proof that our son's schizophrenia was a result of a delayed cesarean that might have damaged parts of his brain sufficient to impede a proper early child-brain development. Our son is remarkably highly intelligent (memory,creativity, and sensitivity-perceptive) in certain other cognitive aspects ( sequencing-organisation, writing-dexterity) he struggled throughout his youth-teens. At age 12 years he declared that his brain was racing with thoughts which he could not stop, he was worried that something was not right......and he developed a noticeable tremor in his hand in his teens which began impeding his writing ability (he always had difficulty in writing, but it until then legible), an increase in auditory processing disorder, and loss of smell became very obvious in his teens. We thought these symptoms were a neurological disorder which it might have been, and in time these interfered with his ability to cope with stressful demands (academic/social) resulting in schizophrenia....???? Damage at birth (during birth) might also be another factor.


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