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There is no better place than B'More Clubhouse for those with a mental illness diagnosis in need of a restorative environment within a community of caring people. Members of the clubhouse become friends, have enjoyable social times together and do meaningful work at the clubhouse and beyond. The clubhouse meets the international standards set up by the now worldwide clubhouse movement. The first clubhouse was started in NYC (Fountain House) in 1944 and B'More Clubhouse was started in 2008 in Baltimore. B'More house is located at 5 East Read Street, Baltimore MD 21202 and their phone is 410-727-2030.


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Please note that researchers cannot give specific recommendations or advice about treatment; diagnosis and treatment are complex and highly individualized processes that require comprehensive face-to- face assessment. Please visit our "Ask an Expert" section to see a list of Q & A with NARSAD Grantees.
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