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Researchers always seem to concentrate on internal mechanisms and never on the external factors that can cause illness. There are only a few external agents - viruses, parasites, toxins, fungi, bacteria, radiation, nutrition [food], pharmaceuticals and gases that have an effect on us and if you trace the cause of all illnesses you always eventually get back to one of these root causes. Depression isn't caused by serotonin imbalance or acetylcholine imbalance or any other sort of endogenous chemical imbalance, it is caused by attack viruses and bacteria, poor nutrition, low frequency radiation, parasitical ivasion [lyme's disease for example causes depression] and drugs like statins, ACE inibitors, proton pump inhibitors and so on.
It is about time researchers stopped this drugs are the cure for everything approach and started to look for rrot cause and realise the drugs are one of the causes of illness


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