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Isabella, How well said & how sad! I feel your pain. As one well educated woman to another, I REALLY KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! I was a very successful Psych/Mental Health RN ( of all things ) It was my passion, as a single mom of a child ( adult ) with bipolar & a teen with dyslexia, ADHD & central auditory processing disorder, I now feel like the blind leading the blind. I suffer from MDD, ADHD, GAD, insomnia & sleep apnea. I'm also being tested for RA & have osteoarthritis. I'm 53 yrs young & I have asked, begged, cried, pleaded, prayed, hoped for, researched & sought help for myself as well as for my son. But to no avail. In addition I am also a veteran, as I was an officer in the Navy Nurse Corps. I echo your EXACT DESPAIR & desperation. I have helped so many young & old alike. But as stated there is no help to be found. Please don't give up hope. Because I know there has to be help in the near distant future.


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