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Ive read what you have written and i can feel your heartache and I hope by now your getting some answers to your questions…..I know what your going through my son could be your sons carbon copy …..from all I'm learning and seeing there is no magic drug or cure…..what Ive come to learn is keep trying and you have be very patient….the brain takes forever to heal if it does at all….from what Ive seen in my son is he's best when he's left alone to heal…..take the med's and let them sleep sleep and then more sleep…I've come to except this part….when he's sleeping I'm at peace that in his sleep he's at peace the voice's are gone his paranoia is gone and he himself has said he feels free….one day it will change and one day soon there will be a cure till then take care of yourself and just love him our sons though we may not realize it our sons teaching us a lot about life….


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